La République islamique d’Iran donne un visa à un journal juif New Yorkais

L’identité de la République islamique entame une lente métamorphose.
Les accords ont signé le glas d’une promesse de guerre.

Iran: Jewish Newspaper Was Granted Visa in Rare Move


The newspaper said on Thursday that the visa had taken two years to secure and was issued on July 20. It appeared to be part of an effort by Iran to influence American Jewish opinion on the Iranian nuclear agreement reached on July 14, which will relax sanctions on the country in exchange for verifiable guarantees that its nuclear work remains peaceful.
Iran granted an unusual short-term reporting visa last month to the Jewish Daily Forward, one of the most widely read and respected newspapers among American Jews.
The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, which accredits foreign journalists in the country, confirmed on Tuesday that it had issued the visa to The Forward, which began life in New York nearly a century ago as a Yiddish-language daily serving immigrant Jews.

Although the ministry said the visa was valid for 30 days, the newspaper said that the visa was valid for seven days and that the reporter who used it, whom the newspaper did not identify, had returned to the United States.
The newspaper has often been critical of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who strongly opposes the nuclear accord and considers Iran to be a top security threat to Israel.
While the newspaper has not taken a stand on the accord, it has editorially advocated a robust debate before a congressional vote next month.
“The proposed deal with Iran is of huge importance to American Jews, and we sent a reporter to Iran so that we could provide our readers with an in-depth, objective look at what real Iranians think of the proposed deal, the United States and Israel,” Jane Eisner, the newspaper’s editor in chief, said in a statement on Thursday.
“It has taken two years of negotiations with the Iranian government to win this opportunity, and we look forward to presenting this objective reporting on our website and in our paper next week,” Ms. Eisner said.
Correction: August 7, 2015 
An earlier version of this article referred incorrectly to the visa’s issue date and duration. According to The Jewish Daily Forward, it was issued on July 20 and was good for seven days, not 30 days as the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had said. The article also referred incorrectly to the ministry’s action on Tuesday. That was when the ministry confirmed it had issued a visa, not when the visa was issued.

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